Bicycle Accident

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident and think you may have a claim, call us toll free at 1-866-6121 or contact us online for a free consultation. What should I do if I have a bicycle accident? Bicycle accidents can result in serious injuries and damages, and therefore should be taken seriously too. A bicycle is considered a vehicle under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA). Which means if you are cycling in Ontario, you...

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

You don’t HAVE to go to court…UNLESS of course, you want to. Whatever your reason – whether its due to an impending separation, divorce, or a workplace related disagreement  – difficult to resolve conflicts, disagreements, and disputes happen.  Divorce, for example, involves the trying task of navigating and planning important (and as a result often heated) life decisions, such as how to care for your children...

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Marriage Contracts & Cohabitation Agreements

No one plans the end of a serious relationship. In the name of love, we hope against all odds (those odds being about 1 in 2 of survival) that our partnerships are strong enough to last. But, still things happen. Whatever the reason, relationships end. You can save yourself a lot of additional stress during a difficult time by planning ahead and writing up a marriage contract or cohabitation agreement with your partner. Together you...

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Division of Property: Married Versus Common Law

Married? Common law?…What’s the difference? Family law in Ontario predominantly deals with the rights and responsibilities of children, parents, spouses, and common law partners. Basically, it is composed of all the laws that dictate the rules governing family relationships. It is important to know that  family law is applied equally to same-sex and opposite-sex couples in Ontario. This gives all couples the opportunity to...

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