Job Site Accidents

As a worker here in Ontario:

You Have The Right To Know About Any Dangers

Your employer is responsible for telling you about hazardous materials or equipment that is used in your workplace. In addition it is important that you receive training before using any dangerous materials or equipment to prevent job site accidents.

You Have The Right To Help Or Participate In making The Workplace Safe

As an employee on the front lines you’re an important part of workplace safety and reducing job site accidents. Ask your employer or contact your worker health and safety representative to find out the many ways you can help make a difference. Employers should have information and materials you can use to enhance workplace safety.

  • You Have the Right to Worker Representation

You can get info about worker representation from the Ministry of Labour’s website here.

You Have The Right To Refuse Unsafe Work

If you believe your work is unsafe you can refuse that work until your employer has corrected the situation. It is your responsibility to ensure that the issue is brought to your supervisor’s attention immediately. In the meantime, you and all affected workers should remain in a safe place near your workplace. In Ontario you cannot be suspended, fired, or docked pay for refusing unsafe work.

As A Worker Here In Ontario:

You Have The Responsibility To Work Safely

You should never have to nor should you need to take risks in the workplace. Risks can increase the chance you might injure yourself or another worker and cause one of many potential job site accidents.

You Have The Responsibility To Report Unsafe Conditions

If you see anything that looks unsafe, tell your supervisor or employer right away. Part of your responsibility is to report the situation immediately, don’t wait until someone gets hurt.

You Have The Responsibility To Wear The Right Safety Equipment For The Job

If your job requires you wear protective clothing and equipment, it is essential that it is used. Not wearing protective gear is a sure fire way to be injured in the workplace. In addition ensure you are trained to use protective equipment properly.

You Have The Responsibility To Ask Your Employer First

Your employer needs to know about your concerns and questions about health and safety issues. If something at your workplace is bothering you or poses as potential risk to cause job site accidents take the necessary measures to prevent injuries.

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