Taxi Accident

taxi accident

Toronto currently has approximately 10,000 licensed taxi drivers driving close to 5,000 different cabs. Most of these cabs are on operating on the roads for 24 hours a day. It’s no wonder there so many reported tax accidents in the GTA.

Taxi Accident Categories

A taxi accident occurs when a taxi hits the car you are in or when you are the passenger in the taxi. Taxi accidents can be difficult cases to litigate, whether you are the passenger in the cab or the driver of another vehicle. Some drivers own their own vehicle while some rent a vehicle from company so you  may have difficulty making a claim or determining the insurer.

In a taxi accident in which a taxi collides with a car you are driving, you should proceed as you would with a regular car accident claim. A lawyer is still beneficial to you. They will assist you with the confusing task of dealing with the taxi company’s insurer, or the driver’s insurer.

Generally, a passenger in a motor accident tends to have an easier case than a driver because they do not have to worry about proving liability. This rule applies the same to a passenger in a taxi accident. As a passenger you are not at fault. You are entitled to the full amount of damages from either the taxi driver’s insurer, the cab company’s insurer, or the other vehicle’s insurer, depending on who is at fault. To learn more about passenger injury law, see our passenger injury page.

Whenever you are in any type of motor vehicle accident, it is always best to hire a lawyer to help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies are notoriously difficult to deal with and a good lawyer can help with this difficult process.

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