Truck Accidents

Ontario’s highways are getting busier every year resulting in an increase in the number of commercial trucks on the road. With heightened delivery demands and long work schedules, many truck drivers are feeling the pressure to complete an unreasonable amount of work in one day. Unfortunately, this can lead to unsafe driving conditions for not only the driver of the truck, but also for those sharing the road with them. Due to their weight and size, collisions with trucks often result in serious injury or death for the driver of the smaller vehicle. Some of the leading causes of accidents with trucks include:

truck accident

  • speed
  • driver fatigue
  • under ride accidents (getting caught under a truck)
  • jackknifing
  • unsecured loads
  • failure to check blind spots
  • tire blowout
  • tailgating
  • wide turns

Immediately Following a Truck Accident

After any motor vehicle accident the first step you should take is to call emergency services. Following this, it is advisable to collect information that can assist you with your claim, should you decide to pursue legal assistance.

Information that may be useful following a collision includes:

  • photographs of the scene (from many viewpoints)
  • contact information for all witnesses (name, address, telephone number)
  • contact information for the truck driver (name, address, telephone number, company information)

When a commercial vehicle is involved in a collision, the company will often send a representative to the scene. This person is there to assist their employee and ensure the business takes as little blame as possible. Given this person’s position, it is in your best interest to limit your communication with them until speaking to the police and your lawyer.

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