Workplace Injury

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As demand for greater efficiency in the workplace increases, employers are pushing their employees to work harder and faster, often at the cost of worker health and safety. A good employer will do their due diligence to take reasonable precautions to protect their employee from workplace injury, but accidents still occur. Most workers in Ontario are protected by the Workplace Safety Insurance Board to compensate them for injuries caused at the workplace. Unfortunately, some employees are not protected by the WSIB and need to take legal action against their employer for compensation. If you are not protected by the WSIB or you feel you are not receiving a fair compensation from the WSIB we can help you at the Legal Hotline.

Some of the most common workplace injuries include:

  • struck by an object
  • repetitive strain injury
  • over exertion
  • burns
  • electrocution
  • heavy lifting

Reporting a Workplace Injury

Often employees do not report injuries at work and this is especially true with young workers and new employees. Sometimes they are embarrassed and afraid of repercussions or they simply think the injury is not very serious. No matter the severity of the injury or your situation at work, always report an injury.

Even if you are compensated by the WSIB you may not be receiving fair support. According to the Canadian Union of Public Employees the WSIB have “increased the rate of claim denials by 50% and reduced benefit payments by $600 million.”

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